The Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology (MJLST) invites your submission of a scholarly work for publication. Submissions to MJLST are welcome from specialists in all areas of law, ethics, policy, values, intellectual property, life sciences, biomedicine, and related disciplines.

Scope of the Journal

MJLST is an interdisciplinary journal that explores broad issues in the areas of intellectual property, technology policy and innovation, and science, grounded in law, values and policy. It is designed to respond to the needs of professionals in all these and related fields and to provide up-to-date information and perspective on these topics. MJLST was ranked by Washington & Lee University Law Journal Rankings in the following categories for 2015:

  • Energy Law - 1st ranked journal
  • Environment, Natural Resources, and Land Use - 4th ranked journal
  • Health, Medicine, Psychology, and Psychiatry - 3rd ranked journal
  • Intellectual Property - 10th ranked journal
  • Science, Technology & Computing - 8th ranked journal

Journal Audience

The audience of MJLST includes a broad spectrum of attorneys, policy-makers, physicians, administrators, ethicists, educators, and other professionals concerned with issues related to law and science.

Preferred Submission Procedure

If you currently hold a J.D. or are a specialist in another relevant field, and would like to be considered for publication in MJLST, please submit your article and additional files via Scholastica, by visiting https://mjlst.scholasticahq.com/ and clicking "Submit Manuscript" in the top right corner.

Alternative Submission Procedure

Alternatively, you may email an attachment of your article, abstract, CV, and cover letter to mjlst@umn.edu. When submitting your article, please make sure it is double-spaced with 1" margins.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact MJLST at (612) 625-9330 or by email at mjlst@umn.edu.