The Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology publishes cutting-edge articles focused on the intersection of law, technology and the sciences. MJLST scholarship tackles on multidisciplinary issues, from intellectual property to bioethics, while maintaining a rigorous grounding in law and policy.
Per the 2018 W&L Law Journal Rankings, MJLST ranks among the top 150 Law Journals worldwide. MJLST is well-regarded in its subject areas: it currently ranks #1 in “Energy Law,” #8 in “Science, Technology and Computing,” and #9 in “Intellectual Property.” The Journal ranks #2 in “Health, Medicine, Psychology and Psychiatry,” and #3 in “Environment, Natural Resources, and Land Use.” The Journal is edited by law students from the University of Minnesota, with the support of Faculty Advisors. Formerly the Minnesota Intellectual Property Review.

Current Issue: Volume 25, Issue 2 (2024)




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