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Optimal Remedies for Bilateral Contracts
Francesco Parisi, Vincy Fon, and Barbara Luppi


The Rise and Fall of the Polluter Pays Principle in Developing Countries
Francesco Parisi, Barbara Luppi, and Shruti Rajagopalan


Two Dimensions of Regulatory Competition
Francesco Parisi, Norbert Schulz, and Jonathan Klick


The Formation of International Treaties
Francesco Parisi and Vincy Fon


The Hidden Bias of the Vienna Convention
Francesco Parisi and Vincy Fon


The Comparative Law and Economics of Pure Economic Loss
Francesco Parisi, Vernon Palmer, and Mauro Bussani


Stability and Change in International Customary Law
Francesco Parisi and Vincy Fon


Substituting Complements
Francesco Parisi and Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci


On the Optimal Specificity of Legal Rules
Francesco Parisi and Vincy Fon


Lawmakers as Norms Entrepreneurs
Francesco Parisi, Emanuela Carbonara, and Georg von Wangenheim


Laudatio: Pietro Trimarchi
Francesco Parisi


Crowding-Out in Productive and Redistributive Rent-Seeking
Francesco Parisi, Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Eric Langlais, and Bruno Lovat

*Updated as of 11/30/21.