Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology

The Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology is a cutting-edge multidisciplinary journal focusing on law, health, the sciences, and bioethics. The journal is edited by law students with the support of a Faculty Editorial Advisory Board drawn from across the University of Minnesota. MJLST tackles issues in intellectual property, technology policy and innovation, bioethics, and law and science, while maintaining a rigorous grounding in law, values, and policy. Formerly the Minnesota Intellectual Property Review. According to the 2017 Legal Journal Rankings, MJLST ranks among the top 150 Journals worldwide. The Journal within the Top 50 in specialized journals, which is the highest of any University of Minnesota Law School specialized journal. MJLST continues to rank as the #1 Energy Law journal. The Journal has taken the #6 spot in Science, Technology and Computing and #7 in Intellectual Property. The Journal claimed the #2 spot in Health, Medicine, Psychology and Psychiatry and in Environment, Natural Resources, and Land Use.

Current Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1 (2018)