UMN Law School


The 2017 Horatio Ellsworth Kellar Distinguished Visitors Lecture: Ari Melber




October 24, 2017 Ari Melber, MSNBC’s chief legal correspondent and host of "The Beat," speaks on the legal and practical challenges to free speech in the Trump era. Melber, a former First Amendment litigator, explores how the president’s approach to the press—including a political strategy of emphasizing disputes with reporters and sowing confusion over what constitutes factual journalism—poses challenges for citizens and reporters alike. The late Curtis B. Kellar, Class of 1940, established the Horatio Ellsworth Kellar Distinguished Visitors Program in memory of his father in 1996. In keeping with his father’s many interests, Curtis Kellar’s desire was to support an interdisciplinary lecture series at the Law School that would connect emerging issues in the law with other disciplines, such as art, drama, and literature. Mr. Kellar retired in 1981 as an associate general counsel of Mobil Oil Corp. He served on the board of directors of the Law Alumni Association and the Board of Visitors of the Law School.

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