UMN Law School


The TORT Producers




For the15th Annual Production, the Theatre of the Relatively Talentless brings you, The TORT Producers. This show tells the story of Max, a 2L, and Leo, a 3L, who realize that some of the most successful University of Minnesota Law School alumni got their start not with OCI or judicial clerkships, but as producers of TORT flops. They hatch a plan to put on the worst show in TORT history, including a controversial script, an unqualified director, a stage-fright fraught lead, and a series of increasingly desperate shenanigans in pursuit of their goal: failure.

Cameo appearances were made by Chief District Court Judge John R. Tunheim (’80), District Court Judge Joan N. Ericksen (’81), and Senator Amy Klobuchar. Making his TORT debut was Law School Dean Garry W. Jenkins, who was joined by Assistant Dean Erin Keyes (’00), Professor Brad Clary (’75), Professor Judith T. Younger, and Nubia Esparza. TORT regular, Vice President Walter Mondale (’56) also joined us on stage.

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