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In September 1888, William S. Pattee, the newly elected dean of the University of Minnesota's infant law department,' began, with the help of lecturers from the practicing bars of Minneapolis and St. Paul, to educate some 67 '"young gentlemen of zeal and promise' 2 in the law. Ninety years later, the University of Minnesota Law School continues this mission, with 62 full-or part-time faculty members, for the benefit of about 750 students. During this period, the school has been shaped by the administrations of six deans, has conferred over 7,500 J.D. or LL.B. degrees,3 has affected the lives of many nondegree earning students, and has achieved varying heights of national stature. A new milestone in its history was reached in April 1978, with the dedication of a new law school building. To commemorate this long-awaited event, the author has prepared a series of articles tracing the school's history through the administrations of each of its deans. This history of the people and programs of the law school will trace its development as a significant institution for the study and teaching of 4aw, a. development constantly guided by an uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

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